Helping our partners craft thoughtful responses to pressing social issues 

CAPD is a 30-year-old nonprofit organization. We specialize in:

* Designing and carrying out nuanced and rigorous evaluations, planning and capacity building *

* Acknowledging and addressing the intersections of structural racism, power, gender and class *

CAPD's Mission

CAPD’s mission is to help foundations, communities, organizations and public systems craft and execute thoughtful responses to pressing social issues. The central theme of our work is positive social change and our goal is to help those we work with develop their capacity to make change.

Founded in 1988, CAPD’s work is national in scope and includes research and evaluation, strategic planning, and policy analysis. Our work is characterized by a “theory of change” approach, focus on results and outcomes, and a racialized perspective.

Highlights and News

We are grateful to Dr. Kelly Hannum and the Luminaire Group for sharing this thoughtful conversation with our President, Sally Leiderman. Click here to read about Sally’s path to evaluation, her understanding of the importance of an equity lens, and her thoughts about where the field is headed next.

This presentation is tailored for groups and individuals who are interested in evaluating leadership efforts, and includes valuable tips for “thinking like an evaluator” and ways to incorporate power analysis and a mission-focused lens when designing and carrying out such evaluations. The accompanying worksheet is meant to help track strategies, evidence, outcomes and stories. We hope these are helpful resources. Thanks to Yoojin Janice Lee and the Leadership Development Learning Community of the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, for whom we originally created these materials. 

We were pleased to present at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management’s 2018 Conference - please click here to see a copy of our presentation. In the session, Stephanie shared some details the current state of the field for organizational assessment and racial equity, ways to make the case for why this work is important, and presented a range of resources for folks to deepen their knowledge on the topic.

Thanks to our colleagues Mala and Keith for co-creating and presenting with us, and to everyone who participated in the session!

RET Survey Header Image.png

Please click here to see highlights and analysis from our 2018 Racial Equity Tools survey. The results shed light on who uses the site and in what ways, as well as how we can make RET a better resource for the field and the field. RET has 5,147 members. Per Google Analytics, the site averages around 5,000 unique users a month; this average has been rising steadily since the site's launch in 2013. CAPD is proud to be a contributor and one of the founding members.

We are excited to share the slides from our presentation on embedding a racial equity lens in evaluation. Thank you to the Washington Area Women's Foundation (WAWF), for whom we originally presented this content. 

We are very happy to announce the release of the Transforming White Privilege (TWP) curriculum!

The TWP curriculum includes lessons plans, handouts, PowerPoint slides and video clips covering a number of key concepts, tools and strategies for change. Click here for more information, and here to explore sample resources. For comments or questions about the curriculum, or to be added to our mailing list, contact

We are pleased to direct you to the Racial Equity Tools website.

The Racial Equity Tools website is a mix of available and newly created content designed to support individuals working in deliberate and effective ways to achieve racial equity. It includes more than 1,000 tools, tips, lessons, research and curricula. The site has sections to help people learn, plan, act and evaluate. Ideas and resources are organized by concepts, issues and strategies. All of the resources are aimed at helping to promote racial equity within systems, culture, communities or among groups and individuals. Racial Equity Tools was co-created by CAPD, MP Associates and World Trust