CAPD's Key Capacities 

Core competencies

Research and Evaluation Design and Data Collection

  • Design and execution of implementation and outcome evaluations at the cluster, initiative, place-based and program levels
  • Visualization/creation of theories of change and logic models
  • Multi-site, multi-year, multi-method assessments
  • Design and conduct of surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews and observations
  • Literature reviews and scans of best and promising practices

Analysis and Sharing Findings

  • Statistical analysis, including network analysis
  • Synthesis of research findings and best and promising practicesFormative and summative assessments
  • Case studies, content analysis, developmental evaluation, and other qualitative analysis methods
  • Top-line and full-scale narrative reports
  • Presentations using multi-media

Capacity Building, Training and Resource Development

  • Literature and practice reviews and syntheses
  • Tip-sheets for evaluation
  • Curricula and training materials
  • Sample logic models and logic model reporting forms
  • Facilitation support to organizations, coalitions and other groups
  • Scenario development for learning