CAPD's clients include: non-profit organizations; resident and parent-led programs; governance groups and advisory boards; community institutions including schools and school districts; government (cities, counties, state and federal); public/private state and local collaboratives; task forces and coalitions; and foundations.

Through our Project work, CAPD has employed or helped our clients employ many strategies to promote positive change for children, families and communities.

  • Strategic Planning
    • articulating theories of change and sufficient models to achieve intended results
    • assessing the state of the art in a particular issue or programmatic area
    • support to develop collaborations or partnerships
    • identifying targets for system change
    • identifying investment opportunities

  • Outcomes and Markers of Progress
    • building consensus around outcomes and markers of progress
    • developing measurement and tracking systems
    • using data to promote change

  • Evaluation Design and Implementation
    • using qualitative and quantitative approaches
    • collecting primary and secondary data
    • providing formative feedback
    • generating lessons learned
    • assessing of current/past investments
    • engaging in collaborative evaluations
    • assisting to build community and organizational capacity for evaluation

  • Technical Assistance on Best Practices
    • implementing multi-site model strengthening conference
    • organizing national convenings
    • creating peer-to-peer support strategies
    • executing one-on-one consultation
    • facilitating collaborations
    • disseminating documents on program standards and lessons learned

  • Initiative Design and Management
    • identifying next-generation strategies to improve outcomes
    • identifying initiative sites, partner organizations and funders
    • engaging sites, partners and funders in initiative design
    • developing implementation plans
    • managing initiative implementation as intermediary